The Raven is a traditional old English pub that does good hearty pies and sausages complemented by an ever-changing selection of real ales, ciders or wine. We welcome you warmly into our cosy atmosphere, a cultural, historical gem of a pub off Queen’s Square in the centre of Bath.

We are like a family here at The Raven and take pride in doing what we do well: we are all about simple, high quality, good products, with no pretension. Take your time to look around our site to find out more about our online shop, the events we run, the food and drink we supply, as well as what beers are on tap today!

The Raven

Now on Tap


Both our bars are fully stocked with a range of fine real ales, wines, spirits, cider, soft drinks and of course refreshing lagers.


Fancy a pie? A big hot pie on a bed of buttery mustard mash or home-made chips, with a choice of gravy, or perhaps sausage and mash or maybe a ploughman’s lunch?


Using our online shop, you can browse for clothing, merchandise and most importantly purchase our RAVEN BOTTLED BEER!


In these islands, we like beer. It’s our native drink and dearer to our hearts than any fermented grape-juice, however fancy. For most of our history, every town, village, and hamlet had its own brewery and they made beers that were unique to the character of the place and the people who lived and worked there. Watch the video to find out more.

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